Remind me Co.

we are a brand that affirms and reminds
women of their power and beauty.
we are dreamers.
we are wonder-seekers.
we are you.

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a tattoo on a collarbone..
3am thoughts..
many scribbled notes..

these are the beautiful things that led to you reading these words. and we are so glad you're here. our story is most likely very different from yours in the grand scheme of life, but our daily struggles, the tearstained journal pages, the desperate need to be reminded of who we are in a world that so often tells us who we "should" be.. those are the here we are.. you, reading the heartbeat of this brand in the words we've tearfully written. and us, hoping you feel the love we are pouring into this project.

Thank you

we so appreciate the time you've taken to reach out to us with your empowering word! we have added it to our idea database, and if we create a design with it, we will be in touch with a special lil thank-you!
~remind me co.

Thank you

we so appreciate your interest in our brand! we hope you enjoy being on our email list, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.
~remind me co.